Eva Thienpont
Sequential art & illustration


Sequential art & illustration

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About Me

I have a degree in literature, but have always been in love with art. My passion for words and drawings had to lead me to sequential art. I am a storyteller: even in a single illustration, I like to show characters with a past, present and future.

In the world of comics I have found plenty to admire in the work of Ted Naifeh, Linda Medley, Charles Vess, Colleen Doran, Eric Shanower, Jeff Smith, James Jean, Mike Mignola, Dave Sim, Brian K. Vaughan, Alan Moore, Enrico Marini, Christophe Blain, Claire Wendling, Kazuo Koike, Takehiko Inoué en CLAMP - and many others.

As an artist and creator, I am entirely self-taught.

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